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Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy gives you and your partner the skills you need to establish the trust and communication necessary for maintaining a long-term relationship. Our team of highly experienced marriage and family therapists provide couples counseling using evidence-based techniques, such as emotionally focused therapy (EFT), internal family systems (IFS), and the Gottman Method.  Our couples specialists are available virtually or at our Happy Apple office in Columbus Circle, NYC.  We are particularly convenient to those in the Midtown, Central Park South, Upper West Side, and Upper East Side of New York City.  

Couples Therapy NYC

What are the goals of couples therapy?

Couples therapy allows you and your partner to establish trust and stay together long-term. Just like individual counseling, Couples therapy is personalized and adaptable according to your specific goals. 

When you visit Happy Apple, the team can assist you and your partner to enrich your relationship with essential tools and strategies. You can work on:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Developing conflict resolution skills
  • Finding common ground on your different perspectives
  • Reconnecting emotionally
  • Enhancing your intimacy
  • Identifying the root cause of your relationship conflicts

Couples therapy can improve feelings of security with your significant other and build a healthy and meaningful partnership. 

Who should consider couples therapy?

Many people in long-term relationships or marriages can benefit from couples therapy. Even if you don’t have any specific ongoing conflict in your partnership, you might be interested in couples therapy to build a sturdy base for a lasting relationship. 

You and your partner might benefit from couples therapy if you encounter specific relationship challenges or developments, such as:

  • Differences in beliefs or opinions
  • Major life changes (e.g., marriage, a new baby)
  • Trauma
  • Financial troubles
  • Infidelity

Disagreements are inevitable in marriage and partnerships, but through couples therapy, you can develop the necessary tools to move past them and strengthen your bond. 

Which therapeutic techniques are used in couples therapy?

The Happy Apple team uses several scientifically supported couples therapy techniques to help you reach your goals. A wide range of helpful techniques are common in couples therapy, and your counselor might decide to use one of the following:

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

EFT focuses on emotional regulation and attachment styles. It’s a technique that aims to help you and your partner develop a secure attachment style in your partnership. 

The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method of couples therapy aims to increase intimacy, respect, and affection in your relationship by breaking down barriers like poor communication or monotony. 

To start couples therapy with a marriage and family therapist at Happy Apple®, please call our office at 646-351-6418 or book an appointment instantly, online.