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Emotionally focused therapy (EFT) helps you and your partner establish a stronger emotional connection by addressing your individual vulnerabilities within the relationship. At Happy Apple, based in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, and serving Midtown, Central Park South, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side of New York City, Maggie Vaughan, MFT, PhD, and the team guide you through a series of EFT sessions as a specialized form of couple’s therapy. Call Happy Apple or book an appointment online to determine if you can benefit from EFT today.

How does emotionally focused therapy work?

EFT is a couple’s psychotherapy technique that helps you rekindle your emotional bond with your partner. Typically, EFT includes 8-20 sessions in total that happen once a week. 

During EFT, you and your partner or spouse explore the nature of your connection and, specifically, the emotions and reactions surrounding it. You’ll also work to strengthen or re-establish your emotional bond by frankly discussing your fears, your attachment styles, and your needs. 

Expressing these vulnerabilities under the guidance of a licensed therapist can help bring you closer and prepare you and your partner to overcome future challenges together. 

Who can benefit from emotionally focused therapy?

EFT is geared toward couples who are in emotional distress or feel alienated from each other. Even if you feel as though your relationship has reached an irreparable state, EFT may be able to help. Typically, relationships that benefit from EFT are fraught with negative emotions such as:

  • Anger 
  • Fear 
  • Grief
  • Betrayal
  • Loss of trust

Sometimes, these feelings stem from a distinctive event, such as infidelity within the relationship. In other cases, they develop slowly over time based on your and your partner’s personality types and attachment styles. 

In many cases, negative feelings like these are simply a mask for deeper underlying feelings or self-perceptions such as unlovability, helplessness, abandonment, or weakness. EFT can also help you and your partner if one or both of you have trouble expressing your emotions within the relationship for any reason. 

What can I gain from emotionally focused therapy?

EFT helps you develop various coping skills to better your mental health and your emotional connection with your partner. Throughout your EFT sessions with your partner and a trained therapist at Happy Apple, you can gain benefits like:

  • Increased emotional awareness
  • Compassionate listening skills
  • Better emotional regulation
  • The ability to describe your feelings
  • Less emotional restriction
  • Improved communication within your relationship
  • Problem-solving skills

Through EFT with the team at Happy Apple, you’ll experience personal growth as well as improvements in your partnership. 

Call Happy Apple or schedule an appointment online to find out if you can benefit from EFT today.